Zhang Weitao, General Manager Of Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group Carry Out Research In The Enterprises Under Vanlead Group

Release time:2019-11-19

          On November 11-13, Zhang Weitao, general manager of Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group, went to Guangdong Nanfang Soda Ash Industial Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou chemical exchange center Co.,Ltd, chemical industry group, asset company, Vanlead property, Vanlead real estate, Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd and Guanghzou Shuangyi Latex Products Co.,Ltd under Vanlead Group to carry out investigation and study, so as to have a deep understanding of the production and operation of each enterprise.


           General manager Zhang Weitao listened to the reports of various enterprises on history and current situation, staff team, industry development, industry benchmarking, operation in recent three years, current problems and difficulties, future development plan, etc., and visited the production sites of some production enterprises.


           General manager Zhang Weitao put forward three work requirements: first of all, production and operation enterprises should attach great importance to safety and environmental protection work and strictly control three expenses; secondly, non operation enterprises should actively and carefully promote the resolution of historical problems and strictly control expenses; thirdly, service enterprises should find out the positioning and profit model, prevent risks and biases, and strengthen the construction of professional talent team We will use mixed ownership and other means to improve the operation quality.


           Li Jirong, assistant general manager of Vanlead Group, Shi Fengxi, deputy chief engineer, head of office and enterprise management department of Vanlead Group, members of enterprise team and heads of relevant departments accompanied the investigation.